Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bad boil, Jim Iyke

Bad boy Jim Iyke is in the news again, living up to his billing. The online platforms are aglow with his recent travails, which in a way is a renewal of his old troubles. The woman who accused him of fraud has once again come out smoking hot, blasting the movie star into the galaxy (where he belongs?). Jim Iyke, who recently granted a national newspaper an interview saying the problem he had with the 30 year old business woman, Habiba Abubakar had been settled, stirred hornet’s nest again by sending out tweet messages to his followers, which offended the woman.
Abubakar released a battery of documents to buttress most claims she made, from smug shots of Jim Iyke taken by the police when the raps of fraud and assaults were laid on him, to flight tickets of the trips the woman arranged for Jim Iyke and his mother.

I hate the fact that the aged mother of the actor is being dragged into this mess. It is not fair to the old woman. The picture of the poor woman on her way to India for medical treatment, in my humble view is a low blow. That picture should never have been released. The woman would most likely not have sanctioned what his son was doing and should have been kept out of the entire mess.

Anyway, hopefully Jim Iyke would this time learn enough lesson to cease being a very bad boil bringing his relatives unbearable pain.  

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