Monday, July 30, 2012

Be naked, pastor tells couples

A Seventh-day Adventist minister is under investigation in South Africa for allegedly advising 17 couples to run around naked, and taking naked pictures of one of the couples, according to a Sapa report.

The Bloemfontein minister apparently dished out this advice during pre-marital counselling sessions.

He told the couples to run around naked in parks and streets in Bloemfontein.

But instead of adhering to his advice, the couples complained to the church.

However, one couple agreed to have naked pictures taken of them. The minister apparently kept copies of the pictures for his own pleasure, apparently.

The church declined to comment.

My worry is that the report did not state which verse of the Bible the minister of God used to buttress this admonition. “Blessed are the naked, for they shall be arrested for indecent exposure by the police...”? Perhaps, it’s the end time already.

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